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Are All-Inclusive Resorts
Ever Truly Sustainable?
Just How Green Is The Travel Industry?

The vast majority of companies involved in the travel and tourism industry are now acutely aware of the need to be conscious of its and its client's impact on the environment and culture. Many publish and are proud of their policies that encompass such topics as carbon emissions, use of local materials and labour plus a whole variety of environmentally linked measures. Whilst this is very commendable is it enough? Do all companies publish policies regarding these matters? Or as some cynics would have it are they just ensuring that are being seen to do something with token gestures as it becomes trendy and more importantly sales worthy to do so? Is it a true commitment to a cleaner environment, and a more sustainable product or simply Green washing?
More recently First Choice hit the headlines by declaring that they would in the future only sell all-inclusive holidays causing a maelstrom of criticism from the industry about it being unsustainable and indeed irresponsible. But is it? First Choice is part of the TUI group and prides itself on leading the field on sustainability.
What efforts are being made to ensure that culture, languages, food, drink, crafts and other unique features are being maintained in these destinations whilst fighting off the almighty forces of globalisation and the spectre of 'clone' cities and resorts ?
Do we care? Does the consumer care? Should the leaders of the industry be showing us the way with their policies?
These plus many other nuances of the whole 'Responsible Tourism and Travel' debate will be heard at TravelMole's Travel Industry Question Time to be held at the Yahoos London office in Shaftesbury Avenue on Thursday May 26th starting at 5pm. Moderated by our own Graham McKenzie he will be joined by:-
  • Jane Ashton of First Choice/TUI
  • Karl Thompson of Sandals
  • Derek Moore of the Association of Independent Tour Operators
  • Mike Read of the Travel Foundation
  • Tricia Barnett of Tourism Concern
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