Maximise your
World Travel Market experience

The 2014 World Travel Market will, no doubt, be the normal heady mixture of busy appointment schedules, early mornings, late nights and hard work. Well you hope it is! but what if all the investment you are making sending people to the show, setting up stands, time out of the office and travelling expenses are not met by a high return in the form of contracts and agreements? How is your planning going? Have you started? Are you planning an event?

The only way to ensure maximum ROI is to ensure exposure for you, your products and your message. For a moderate additional cost why not help safeguard your decisions by talking directly to the hundreds of thousands of TravelMole members who read our news every single day. Last month alone our web site enjoyed over 4.8 million page views and we distributed over 3.9 million newswires (1.5 million of these in the UK/European marketplace alone). Backed up by an aggressive Social Media campaign spending time and effort with TravelMole has for many companies, destinations and associations ensured the success that you and your colleagues will be demanding of you. Solus emails, banners, competitions and video ad prices start from less than GBP 1,000 so why not contact us today ?

TravelMole.TV will as always be in attendance at the World Travel Market and will be selecting a number of individuals and companies to interview. What steps are you taking to avert a double dip downturn? What new product developments do you have? What is your event calendar looking like for 2015? Last year's coverage created over 5.5 million hits on the TravelMole.TV web site. Be part of it!

Our event team will be happy to discuss with you about organising anything from a small reception to a grand night out. Just talk to us! We have an enviable list of venues and a willing, large audience to invite.

For further information on how you can utilise TravelMole and inform its readers of your forthcoming plans at WTM and beyond contact