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As a reminder, the UK TravelMole Web Awards 2014 are designed to find the best WEBSITE for a given category and, as such, the sites should be viewed independly from the company, business, or government they represent and should be judged based on:

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The 2014 TravelMole Web Awards will take place on October 8th.

This year the winners will be determined by votes from you, our readers, from this shortlisted group of nominees. A way to vote will be released on Monday, Sept. 8th, so watch for the link and instructions to vote for your favorite.

Amongst the sponsors are Colorado, Mystifly, FHA (Family Holiday Association), Low Cost Beds, Travel2, HARP Wallen, Hotel Planner, Werewolf Nightclub, Cheekytrip, A2B Transfers and Cellet Marketing & Public Relations.



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