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Transform your Ticketing Fulfillment Experience

Global Travel agents / Companies across 55 countries are now increasing their operational efficiency with enhanced user experience by using MyFareBox 5G.

Fare Matrix Multiple Filter Search
Select the desired fare by a click instead of manually searching for the same. Filter the search further, based on airlines, preferred time, price etc.
Simplified Flight Itinerary
Speed-up the flight selection process using detailed Flight itinerary.
Comprehensive Booking Itinerary Cart System
Eliminate booking errors using detailed booking itinerary, thereby speeding-up the ticketing fulfillment process. MyFareBox 5G users can use the cart to save the selected airfares & reconsider the airfares later.
Winner: Microsoft's Solution Excellence Awards 2014 (Microsoft's Code for Honor)
Best Global Travel Consolidation Services 2014 (India Travel Awards)
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