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As the forum for business leaders in the Travel & Tourism industry, the World Travel & Tourism Council works to raise awareness of the sector as one of the world's largest industries, which generates almost 10% of the world economy and supports 1 of every 11 jobs on the planet.
WTTC aims to promote an understanding of the importance of Travel & Tourism through the quality of its economic research and the knowledge and experience of its members, who include over 100 chief executives of the world's leading Travel & Tourism companies.
These leaders of the private sector come together with Heads of State, Ministers of Tourism and thought leaders from many fields to explore the future opportunities and challenges of Travel & Tourism through high-profile Summit meetings.
Global Summit: Madrid, Spain, 15-16 April 2015
Attendance at this event is limited, but now - thanks to the power of social media and the internet - everyone can engage with the issues, listen to the debates and make a personal contribution to them.
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