In case of a heart attack, who will you trust more?
The general physician or the cardiologist?

It's only natural to depend more on the expertise of a specialist. The chances of the expert knowing more about the heart is pretty high. The fact holds true with wholesalers in the travel industry too. By offering every travel product under the sun, a wholesaler has to divide the resources across the board, leading to compromises.

Thankfully, there are specialists in the travel trade too. roomsXML for instance. It does nothing else but accommodation. By focusing in just one area, it has no other option but to do things more efficiently - robust technology, de-duplicated inventory, dependable 24x7 global support and of course, competitive rates.

We are sorry we don't offer flights, cruises, car-hires, packages, city tours, etc. If you need any of these you can try your luck with scores of them who are already around.

But if you do want accommodation, you know where to look. - the accommodation specialist.

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