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A Trip Through Philadelphia

If you have not considered Philadelphia and the surrounding area for your clients this may help. Graham McKenzie visited the region earlier this year and with an inquisitive open mind he found many surprises. Since his visit Philadelphia, Pennsylvania's largest city, home of the Liberty Bell, where the declaration of independence was signed, where the constitution was finalised, home of Rocky Balboa and birthplace of the Philly Cheesesteak , has been selected as the only World Heritage City in the United States. The countryside adjacent to the city is no less impressive or interesting with so many unexpected attractions from the world of art, food, heritage, retail ( no sales tax here !!) and fast cars. Just down the road is the world famous resort of Atlantic City, beaches, restaurants, music, sport and more shopping. The area has a lot to offer and only a few hours from the UK and IRELAND.

Travelling through philadelphia

Why you should send clients to....Philadelphia

If it was good enough for the Pope, Rocky Balboa, Hall and Oates, Will Smith, Joe Frazier and Bradley Cooper then TravelMole MD decided Philadelphia was definitely good enough for him. If you have not considered Philadelphia and the surrounding area for your clients this may help. Read more

Philadelphia with mushrooms, it's delicious

If you drive west from Philadelphia and follow the Delaware River you will, after about an hour or so, be delivered into Brandy Wine Valley. A picturesque cornucopia of virtually all things that are bright and beautiful. Read more

Philadelphia is tasty, but it's not just cheese

The city grew from a declaration of independence and it has kept true to that philosophy right up to the modern day with truly matchless offerings everywhere you turn. Worth a visit! Read more

Travelling in time

The Valley Forge area of Pennsylvania, some 20 miles from Philadelphia, is well known to most Americans as it was the location of George Washington's army during the winter of 1777-78 in the battle against the British. Read more

The clue's in the name

The ocean at AC influences almost everything about the place - the food, wildlife, facilities, and attractions. Good music, affordable drinks, lots of seating with a very amiable party buzz can be found at the bars and all the time you feel that you are somewhere special, whether you're in one of the huge hotels a pebble's throw away or right on the boardwalk. Read more

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